What'up on Curve ? #49

Welcome to the unofficial Curve’s newsletter.

I hope I didn’t forget something

v2 very soon 👀 ?

Michael said it !!!!

Curve and CRV elsewhere

Some juicy APY on the $EURN pool

Twitter avatar for @neutrino_protoNeutrino Protocol @neutrino_proto
Provide liquidity to $EURN pool on
curve.fi/factory/33 and get high APY! @CurveFinance

Sasha Ivanov @sasha35625

https://t.co/OlK60QFKE4 $EURN pool launched on https://t.co/L3sgqrqFz1 ! 1500% APY currently :) Issue $EURN on https://t.co/di3BvLj70w, or borrow it on https://t.co/qvDu9FIqtu, and provide liquidity.

$CRV is conquering the world

Good news for US users

Borrow $MIM with your $CRV

Twitter avatar for @danielesestaDaniele 🧊🧙‍♂️ (🎩, 🎩) @danielesesta
1/ An
Abracadabra.money cauldron for $CRV that allows you to borrow $MIM for free. What is the catch? We lock 7.5% of those CRV into veCRV and issue a wrapper enchantedCRV. Abracadabra gets the voting power for those locked $veCRV and the profit sharing.abracadabra.moneyabracadabra.money

General stuffs 🤤

Stay safe !

Votes and Proposals

Well spotted. Also missed this one. May worth to have a look

Twitter avatar for @DefiMoonDefiMoon 🦇🔊 @DefiMoon
This is interesting 👀 Reflex modified the metapool contacts to allow $RAI to trade on Curve. Wasn't aware this governance proposal even existed, should check the forum more often😁

Reflexer Labs @reflexerfinance

Money god flexing in the next weeks 🗿 RAI on debit card so you can spend and degen at the same time Audit for Curve pool and proposal to deploy @mStable proposal Continue to lock RAI in DeFi protocols Expect us

From the community

V2, V2 ….V2 🥺