What'up on Curve ? #47

Welcome to the unofficial Curve’s newsletter.

I hope I didn’t forget something

Curve on Arbitrum

N’1 on Arbitrum 👑 and by far.

1Inch is now using the tricrypto pool !

Curve on Avalanche🏂

Curve can’t be stopped, launch on Avalanche soon !

Curve on Harmony

Curve should be deployed on Harmony very soon after this successful vote.

General stuffs 🤤

Docs will follow soon.

Can’t wait for those docs !

Factory pool and new pools

Curve is working like a charm ! 😍

Curve and CRV elsewhere

If you are using Binance US, now you can trade $CRV.

Currently, there is 34% APY if you have your $CRV on Aave.

New pool on Autofarm. WFTM/CRV from SpiritSwap’s vault.

From the community