What'up on Curve ? #46

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I hope I didn’t forget something

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Curve on Arbitrum 👀

Tutorial: How to use Curve on Arbitrum

AdamVault just deployed a vault using the tricrypto pool on Arbitrum.

This is also the case for BadgerDAO !

Curve on Harmony ? 👀

Curve on Harmony soon ? It’s time to vote !

Twitter avatar for @lijiang2087Li Jiang 🔥 at messari mainnet nyc @lijiang2087
our proposal to launch @CurveFinance is live for community voting 🔥 👉
harmony.one/vote-curve we invite @CurveFinance community to support this launch 💎 harmony foundation will provide $2 million in incentives in ONE tokens to bootstrap initial usage of curve on harmonySnapshotharmony.one

Curve on ZkSync 🚨

Wen ser ?

General stuffs 🤤

Curve 👑

Factory pool and new pools

This is another amazing news ! Do you understand what it means ?

Curve on Fantom

New pool on Fantom: usd/btc/eth

Curve and CRV elsewhere

Lock your $CRV with Yearn

A new airdrop for $CRV holders

Rewards are live for the cvxCRV/CRV pool on Curve !

The pool lottery from Neutrino is ending very soon.

Twitter avatar for @neutrino_protoNeutrino Protocol @neutrino_proto
Hurry up! Less than two weeks left before we choose 4 lucky winners of $USDN pool lottery. 👉go to
dao.curve.fi/gaugeweight ✅lock your $veCRV tokens for USDN pool 🤫the more you vote the higher the chance to win 💸win the prize 600k USDN prize fund❗️

Farm $ALXC with your alETH Saddle LP tokens.

From the community

Stupid markets ? …. probably …