What'up on Curve ? #45

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I hope I didn’t forget something

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Curve on Arbitrum 👀

Check here :


2 pools are already available

And it’s amazing !!!!

Less than $2 for a swap and a bit more than $2 for LPing 😳 .



You can already bridge your stablecoins directly with CelerNerwork

Twitter avatar for @CelerNetworkCelerNetwork @CelerNetwork
Alpha Alert, @CurveFinance is coming to town! Prepare your stables and bridge them in and out of @arbitrum in minutes via Celer cBridge

Charlie Watkins @charlie_eth

We've just launched on @arbitrum with a TriCrypto Pool (USDT/ETH/WBTC) and a 2Pool of USDT/USDC. CRV rewards will be proposed on a DAO vote on Wednesday. https://t.co/wEqLzLFOiW https://t.co/AbAghG8NMx

Already almost $4M

General stuffs 🤤

Even if you don’t understand what parameters are doing, you should be able to follow 2 lines and see that they are overlapping since the parameter change.

And it’s even better for the atricrypto3 pool

Curve is doing pretty well. Can it become n’1 ?

Factory pool and new pools

Probably the best name for a pool !

Curve on Fantom

APR are very juicy on Fantom right now

And very nice new. You can now track your position on Fantom with Zapper

Curve and CRV elsewhere

If you are a content creator, you know how to make a dashboard or how to analyse data. You can win some $CRV with those bounties.

From the community

Very nice read

New airdrop in the air ? 🪂

Soon a shortage of $CRV ??

Twitter avatar for @DefiMoonDefiMoon 🦇🔊 @DefiMoon
113k CRV straight into Convex. That $CRV is now forever taken off the market and part of the ever-growing Convex veCRV moat.
etherscan.io/tx/0x7de94b279… The bigger the veCRV moat, the more value accrues to $CVX via governance power and bribe earning potential. #TheLockening🔒📈

DeFi Sniper @DefiSniper

🟢 Swapped $258K in $USDC for $CRV on #Sushiswap 🍣 🐟 ($271K) #0x9A1d41 https://t.co/D4ecwYOjFP

And just for the pleasure 😂