What'up on Curve ? #43

Welcome to the unofficial Curve’s newsletter.

I hope I didn’t forget something

🚨 Be careful 🚨

Gauge Vote Incentives 🤑

Some stats about the “bribe portal”.

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bribe.crv.finance stats; MIM $300k SPELL fantom-fusdt $60k FTM alUSD $7k ALCX Iron Bank (ib) $4k CREAM stETH $3k LDO MIM absolutely dominating, even at $180m liquidity, APY is 19% and going to 25% next week fantom-fusdt staying stable at 24% APY ImageImageImage

You can also receive Bribes to vote in favour of a proposal.

You can receive $INV by voting for this proposal: Add a gauge for the following pool: DOLA-3pool.

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I just added a 100 INV (~$18,000) reward for veCRV voters who vote in favor of Curve proposal #68 at
bribe.crv.finance If you’re a veCRV holder, you have the next 5 days to vote in favor of adding DOLA-3pool to Curve gauges and claim your INVs:

👀 You may have noticed it, but this part looks very exciting:

veCRV boost delegation (rent out your unused boosts to the highest bidder)

Factory pool and new pools

Unfortunately, you will have to migrate again if you are using the atricrypto pool on Polygon. After a small issue was found on the atricrypto2 pool, users have to use a new pool (atricrypto3). But keep calm, funds are SAFU.

Charlie doesn’t tweet very often. But every time he does, it’s 😍. Whereas a lot of projects are becoming less and less community driven, Curve is taking the other path and is becoming more permissionless.

Maybe you noticed the new thumbnail this week. Curve is like wine, it tastes better with age ! 🍷

Proposal and vote

Sometimes governance is very quiet and there is not much to do. But it’s not currently the case ! There is 8 votes in progress !

They all concern the addition of a gauge to several pools:



And many others .. take 5 min and have a look 👀

Curve and CRV elsewhere

Did you claim your super cool NFT ?

$CRV listed on Bitvavo

From the community

Seems that bribes are working very well 🤣

It’s now time to shill $CRV 🤣 An usual pump and dump or a real interest ?

$3 target ?

Last one