What'up on Curve ? #42

Welcome to the unofficial Curve’s newsletter.

I hope I didn’t forget something

Gauge Vote Incentives

Andre just published a guide on the new “Bribe portal”

Alchemix joined the party this week

$570k are on the table for this week. Is it enough to change your vote ?

Twitter avatar for @AndreCronjeTechAndre Cronje @AndreCronjeTech
bribe.crv.finance week 2 stats; $470k available for MIM voters $85k for fantom-fusdt $7k for alUSD $5k for stETH $4k for Iron Bank ~$570k in bribes available for week 2.

Andre Cronje @AndreCronjeTech

https://t.co/KhYgPTXS03 week 1 complete > $50k in rewards already claimed, if you voted for Iron Bank (ib), MIM, or fantom-fusdt, claim your share at https://t.co/KhYgPTXS03 ~ $300k in rewards available for this week, vote for Iron Bank (ib), MIM, or fantom-fusdt https://t.co/7JezwZZZiy

Factory pool and new pools

A new pool appeared in the factory. The nUSD/3CRV pool

A new, optimized, pool for cvCRV/CRV. Will people start using this pool instead of the Sushiswap pool ?

A new atricrypto pool on Polygon. Remember to migrate. Will be very easy to do it very soon.

StaFi will incentivize it pool ETH/rETH with 1M $FISH. It’s now the ETH pool with the best APY.

72% APY on the MIM/3CRV pool 👀 and you can also vote for the gauge to get extra $MIM (see above ☝️)

Twitter avatar for @danielesestaSpirit of Daniele 🧊🧙‍♂️ ( 🧙‍♂️, 🧙‍♂️ ) @danielesesta
Curve.fi/mim pool is paying up to 71.83% boosted yearly on @CurveFinance ! Thanks to @charlie_eth for the quick UI fix! Positive slippage also adding 3POOL. What are you waiting for anon? Image

Proposal and vote

The last vote, Fund Builder-First Legal Activism DAO, passed !

Curve and CRV elsewhere

Triple-Digit APY on $CRV. (100% of this APY is distributed as $SDT)

From the community

One more step to be n’1 !

Vacation book before the start of the new year 📚, it’s time to review the basics !

Greasing the Flywheel. A very nice summary !

Big whales are playing ! 1.7M $CRV locked. But this time not on Convex or Yearn. Does that mean that users want to retain control of their $CRV ?

Is it time to fasten your seatbelt?