What'up on Curve ? #41

Everything you missed this week

Welcome to the unofficial Curve’s newsletter.

I hope I didn’t forget something

Gauge Vote Incentives

Since few days, and thanks to Andre Cronje, you can now easily bribe veCRV holder ! Imagine how it feels to be a veCRV holder ! You have the power 🔌 , and people are paying for your voting power.

Andre already released an update, you can clearly see rewards that you can expect if you vote for a given pool.

Twitter avatar for @AndreCronjeTechAndre Cronje @AndreCronjeTech
bribe.crv.finance v1.0.1 released - See pending bribes - See estimated bribe amount - Shows next claim epoch Vote for MIM, ftm-fusd, or Iron Bank pools to receive rewards. $310k in bribes available Image

Anton Nell @AntonNellCrypto

https://t.co/WOipmCRr9o updated version 1.0.1 Updated to briberyV2 contract Added potential rewards section. Added default assets list: CREAM/FTM/SPELL/DAI/USDC Updated MIM Gauge name Fixed Claimable=0 bug

Very quickly several projects started to use it, and put some tokens in the honey pot !

150M $SPELL were added by Abracadabra, for the MIM-3Pool

Then LidoDAO followed and added 1000 $LDO for the sETH:ETH pool

Twitter avatar for @_vshapovalovVasiliy Shapovalov @_vshapovalov
etherscan.io/tx/0x26e5ceb29… 1000 LDO in the pot, stETH:ETH pair Let's see how it goes

Andre Cronje @AndreCronjeTech

https://t.co/KhYgPTXS03 v1.0.0 released Bribe veCRV @CurveFinance holders to vote for your gauge / DAO vote. Add reward -> Choose Gauge -> Add rewards Claim reward -> Search for reward and claim if you voted for the Gauge / DAO vote in the previous week Happy bribing https://t.co/4ZewRKzDQu

Fantom added $100k worth of FTM for the Fusdt pool

And finally, Cream finance added another $100K of $CREAM for the Iron Bank pool

Twitter avatar for @CreamdotFinanceCream Finance 🍦 @CreamdotFinance
🗳Vote for the Iron Bank (ib) pool on
curve.fi and receive $CREAM bribe via bribe.crv.finance.🍦🍦🍦 Vote here: dao.curve.fi/gaugeweight This $100k USD $CREAM bribe is brought to you by the C.R.E.A.M. community. Vote for the Iron Bank pool and get some🍦❤️.

It’s a very interesting time to hold CRV and lock it… Did you ever get paid to vote 😳

As you know, Andre is testing in prod. So, even if he is one of the best dev in the space, he can do some mistakes. Thankfully, Yearn’s team is always around, and they quickly found an issue and whitehacked the contract to make all funds SAFU. Thank you guys !

Factory pool and new pools

The factory pool is still working at full speed. BadgerDAO just opened the first BTC pool. iBTC/renBTC/wBTC/sBTC.

Proposal and vote

A new chain for Curve 😱 ? Do you want to launch Curve on Harmony ? Let’s vote !

Recently, Yearn, gave 1M DAI to fund a Builder-First Legal Activism DAO

Should Curve do the same ? Please rise your voice. Note that this vote is on snapshot, so it’s gas free.

Curve and CRV elsewhere

You can now receive a loan on crypto.com with your $CRV.

Here we go, CRV rewards are now live on xDAI and particularly for the xDAI 3pool !

From the community

You probably already know this ! But just in case: $CRV inflation is going down !!!

Soon a gauge factory ! Any pool could have a gauge, and it will be permissionless.

If you want to learn more about Gauge Vote Incentives, you should read this article ! Very nice read.

And a point on #theLochening by DefiMoon