What'up on Curve ? #40

Everything you missed this week

Welcome to the unofficial Curve’s newsletter.

I hope I didn’t forget something

Tricrypto Pool

As I was already mentioned in a previous edition of this newsletter, you should now migrate to the V2 of the tricypto pool.

It’s also the case if you are using other protocols using this pool for their vaults. It is the case for Convex:

Twitter avatar for @ConvexFinanceConvex Finance @ConvexFinance
The new tricryptov2 pool is now live on
convexfinance.com/stake $crv earnings for this new pool will start tomorrow, UTC 00:00 Users will need to unstake from the V1 pool if they haven't already, migrate to the V2 pool on Curve, and restake in the V2 pool again on Convex.

And BadgerDAO:

Proposal and vote

A very nice Megathread about “Double Dipping” by @BlockEnthusiast. A must-read !


Curve and CRV elsewhere

$CRV was listed on Bitcoin.com Exchange

If you want to have a chance to win a 600k price. Vote for the USDN pool.

Factory pool and new pools

It’s now very easy to create a new pool with the Factory pools.

A new pool is available for locked CRV : CRV/sCRV/yvBOOST/cvxCRV

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Pool is open
curve.fi/factory/7 Image

Bryan Stitt @StittsHappening

@DefiMoon I wonder how a CRV/sCRV/yvBOOST/cvxCRV pool would do

A bunch of new pool were created. It’s now time to provide liquidity to allow swaps !

Users are already asking to add a gauge weight for the CRV/cvxCRV pool 🏋️‍♀️

From the community

I love to read message like this 😍

Quick update on the Lockening

As there is more permissionless pool from the factory pools, Curve swap was updated to include those new pools.