What'up on Curve ? #39

Everything you missed this week

Welcome to the unofficial Curve’s newsletter.

I hope I didn’t forget something

Proposal and vote

If you want rewards for the EURT pool, it’s time to vote

A vote to diversify the Multisig.

Curve + Aave = ❤️ ?

A new proposal to “collaborate” with AAve :

  • Buy CRV using part of the funds from the ecosystem collector, but this would require approximately 1M$ to get the maximum boost on the Curve pools.

  • Propose a token exchange between AAVE and CRV that increase the synergies created between both communities over the last year.You can find the entire proposal here and vote on snapshot here.

The reciprocal was accepted recently: https://governance.aave.com/t/arc-propose-an-aave-x-curve-alliance/4950

Curve and CRV elsewhere

New vault using $CRV by QiDAO (on Polygon).

APY on fantom also looks interesting. Between 10 and 21% !

From the community

This Sunday you had 2 options. Watch the Olympic Games, or trade on Curve ! Seems that a lot of people chose the second option.

Only 34k users? 🤔

Do you want some toast ?

Seems that Andre came back from holidays and is building like crazy again! 😳

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