What'up on Curve ? #37

Everything you missed this week

Welcome to the unofficial Curve’s newsletter.

I hope I didn’t forget something

Time to migrate !

If you are LP on the tricrypto pool, it’s time to migrate. A V2 with some improvements. was deployed

You can easily do it using the “Migrate to Tricrypto v2” button.

Proposal and vote

In fact, this is a very important vote ! Do your job, guys !

This proposal / discussion is getting a lot of interest:

CIP#xx - Enforce Curve’s IP Rights

Curve and CRV elsewhere

If you have $UST in the UST pool. You can be protected against depeg with this new Insurance by Unslashed Finance

A new pool in town. Stake $CRYSTL and earn $CRV

And a new pool on VenomDAO where you can join an $CRV/$VIPER pool.

Twitter avatar for @VenomDAOVenomDAO @VenomDAO
We’re super excited to launch #DeFi Week #2 on
viper.exchange on #HarmonyONE! Pools: - $xSUSHI / $xVIPER - $CRV / $VIPER - $COMP / $VIPER - $BAL / $VIPER - $CREAM / $VIPER - $EPS / $VIPER - $XVS / $VIPER #HarmonyONE #ViperSwap #DeFi #DEX 👇 Image

From the community

Interesting analysis here !

Super thread about Curve ! well done Sam !

Last point on the #lockening

Greyscale is holding $ CRV 👀

New index in down, but missing $CRV with a name like that !!! Maybe time to change that !