What'up on Curve ? #35

Everything you missed this week

Welcome to the unofficial Curve’s newsletter.

I hope I didn’t forget something

King lama🤴

Curve flipped Aave and become n’1 in terms of TVL ! Congratulation 🥳

Curve on Fantom

LPs on Fantom are now receiving $CRV ! 580% APY for the renBTC pool 👀.

Curve on Polygon

It’s also the case on Polygon. The atricrypto pool is now receiving $CRV.

Did you now ? 👩‍🏫

If, like me, you never really understood what is the coefficient amplification. Here you have a very clear answer !

Trolling or alpha ?

Check this thread and make up your mind

Proposal and vote

Curve and CRV elsewhere

After Polygon and Fantom… Curve is now on xDAI !

You can now trade $CRV on Newton, a trading platform for Canadians

Adamant just launched a vault using LP tokens from the Tricrypto pool

Element Finance also add crvTriCRypto (LP token from Trictypto vault on Yearn)

You now can actively manage your CRV/ETH position on Uniswap V3 thanks to Visor Finance.

From the community

A very nice thread if you want to know more about Curve !

Twitter avatar for @the_alphatradesAlpha Trades @the_alphatrades
@CurveFinance thread Pt.2 👇 While spoofing is possible through Curve, such activity can ultimately benefit LPs. Arbitrage on the Curve DEX is also lucrative for traders. &

Curve Finance @CurveFinance

@HeavyZen_ @Luciano_vPEPO @claberus We'd be the ones who benefit from it. Eventually it would allow to route the trade away from Uniswap to other venues if it's unprofitable on Uniswap, though having it recorded as "Uniswap volume, too". So this kind of arb makes it good for the best liquidity
Understanding CurveA short guide to understand the basics of becoming a liquidity provider on Curve.resources.curve.fi

This guy never stop to be bullish !

Do you want to make it happens ? Would be amazing to have a #ProofOfCurveSwag. Curve merch coming soon 😳 ? Let’s share some love ❤️.