What'up on Curve ? #34

Everything you missed this week

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I hope I didn’t forget something

Please migrate ! 🙏

It’s time to migrate if you are using pools on Polygon and if you didn’t do it already. Otherwise, you won’t receive $CRV from the gauge.

Same thing for pools on Fantom !

Twitter avatar for @CurveFinanceCurve Finance @CurveFinance
Please do the same with Fantom pools also:
ftm.curve.fi/fusdt/withdraw ftm.curve.fi/2pool/withdraw ftm.curve.fi/ren/withdraw (No rush but old gauges earn no CRV)

Curve Finance @CurveFinance

We have a gauge migration on Polygon. If you staked in one of those pools - please migrate (with the button) https://t.co/CH2775ciFD https://t.co/Tg9lhsEg71 https://t.co/vPxO4nGwZS

Tricrypto pool

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Admin fee harvesting for tricrypto reaches quorum:
dao.curve.fi/vote/ownership… The pool is likely to have a new version deployed with important improvements within a couple of weeks. So users, integrators and voters should stay tuned for that (because any migration is opt-in).

This pools is subjected to IL. You can use an IL Simulator to know what to expect.

But do you care about IL ? If you don’t think about it, you won’t be sad 🤣

Proposal and vote

There is currently 2 votes running. They both already reached Quorum, but you have 2 days left to vote

Curve and CRV elsewhere

Convex finance reached 50M $CRV locked ! And the lockening war is not finished !

Yearn launched a new yVault. You can deposit your LP tokens from the tricrypto pool and earn 55% APY (when the yVault was launched)

Pickle should also quickly launch a jar using the tricrypto pool

The $MIM token from Abracadabra is now available on Curve inside a pool containing $MIM and the 3CRV Metapool.

From the community

A very interesting article if you don’t already know everything about Curve

TVL on Curve is the highest in DeFI-DEX. Even higher than Uniswap V2 + V3 😱

But the TVL is not only the highest concerning DEX, it could very soon be the highest in all Defi !!!! King Lama soon ? 🤴

Always bullish on $CRV !

Are you ready degens ?

Last day if you want to support this newsletter ! 🙏