What'up on Curve ? #33

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I hope I didn’t forget something

What is that ?

For those asking - it's a 2D parameter scan for A/gamma (A/N**N); color means how much it is better than xyz=k invariant

ELI5  please ? 🤔

Curve is hiring

If you have some skills and would like to join one of the best protocol in the space. Check this:

Curve and CRV elsewhere

It doesn’t take very long for Convex to add the new tricrypto pool.

Twitter avatar for @ConvexFinanceConvex Finance @ConvexFinance
The tricrypto pool is up on
convexfinance.com/stake ! Curve Finance tricrypto LPs can stake on Convex for that sweet $CRV boost and $CVX rewards starting today. Image

Curve Finance @CurveFinance

CRV rewards for tricrypto on Ethereum are up! Cross-chain rewards need a little bit more care and will probably be up in the morning (Europe time) https://t.co/C6EYvGeTiA

We are not done yet with the #TheLockening war. Convex just reached 40 Million $CRV locked.

Whereas, Yearn just purchased and locked 1.414 million $CRV. This mean a total of 20 Million $CRV.

Following Convex’s idea, other projects are now using Curve as an underlying protocol, but are not dumping $CRV received as rewards.

From the community

A nice summary of the V2

Some debate on CT around the addition of $CRV in the $DPI index from Index Coop.

A point on the #TheLockening war

An interesting point

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