What'up on Curve ? #32

Everything you missed this week

Welcome to the unofficial Curve’s newsletter.

I hope I didn’t forget something

Big announcement !

Probably the biggest news this week. Curve v2 is out !

Let’s be honest, this news is amazing, but 99.99% of users don’t understand what it does exactly ! Even king Andre is not sure 🤣

But to make it simple, some pool composed by volatile assets are now available. The first one is WBTC/ETH/ USD. Keep in mind that IL is also appearing, as clearly mentioned by Curve.

Curve and CRV elsewhere

Pools on Fantom will receive $CRV very soon !

And the renBTC pool is now also available on Polygon and Fantom !

Curve V2 lunched only few days ago but is already integrated in most DEXs such as Matcha (0x) , Paraswap and 1Inch

Rewards for the ETH/stETH have been extended ! $LDO for 30 days !

Proposal and vote

A new proposal to add an MIM-3Pool on Curve.

An alternative of a recent proposal to add an alETH-[stETH-ETH]  pool.

Vote to add a gauge on the new renBTC pools on Fantom and Polygon

Alchemix drama 🥺

A disagreement seems to have arisen between Curve and Alchemix

The main reason for this refusal seems to be the fact that Alchemix is mainly dumping $CRV as it’s using Yearn vault behind the scene. But I’m nor sure a vote happened for that 🤔.

So Alchemix went on Saddle Finance. But this move is controversial as Saddle Finance is a fork backed by VCs.

But then things followed quickly, and a new proposal appeared to remove $CRV rewards from the alUSD pool.

The community was also very reactive and reactions were mostly negative. Here is a quick pell-mell

Even if some people stay positive

Let’s make a point next week. But I’m sure a lot of threads will very quickly appear on CT 🥸.

From the community

Some news of the #TheLockening

Lot of infos on the “Yearn vs Convex war” here

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