What'up on Curve ? #31

Everything you missed this week

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I hope I didn’t forget something

$10B TVL 🥳

Once again ! New week new Billions….. 10 !!! …

Something is coming

If you know more, please let us know !!

Proposal and vote

Pools on Polygon will start receiving $CRV

LPs in the alUSD pool are now also receiving $ALCX

Curve and CRV elsewhere

If you are following the “war” between Yearn and Convex around #TheLochening there is a lot of tweets every day. @DefiMoon is doing a quick summary of the situation very regularly.

Like Yearn and Convex, StakeDAO is now proposing a pool homemadeCRVlocked / CRV. This one has a 90/10 ratio. If you want to know more about it, read the tweet below 👇

Curve is now available on the safe App ! Be safe, be curved !

Did you think Curve will receive 400k of fees when they integrated Synthetix ??

From the community

If you write articles, make analysis.. please do not hesitate to @me on twitter. Same is applying if you see amazing content about Curve (tweet, article, meme…) !

Curve is the 🤴