What'up on Curve ? #30

Everything you missed this week

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I hope I didn’t forget something

New cover

Do you like it 🤔 ?


Gas is cheap since few days. It may be time to claim some rewards

🌧 Fees 🌧

Last week was again an amazing week for LPs and veCRV holders. 2.25 Millions fees collected ! What’s next ?

Fees reduced on Poly 📉

Based on some simulations, fees on Polygon are reduced

CRV elsewhere

The rETH/ETH pool is now incentives with $CRV

If you are LP on convex in the cvxCRV/CRV pool, you will soon have to migrate in order to receive $Sushi rewards.

Yearn purchased and locked 1.42 Million CRV. And a second buying wave should happen soon.

And it seems Convex did the same

Twitter avatar for @Simp2winsimp2win @Simp2win
It appears @ConvexFinance has purchased and locked 1.16 million $CRV. This will increase both the boost of all $CVX vaults earning depositors a higher APY. 👀

yearn.finance @iearnfinance

Yearn has purchased and locked 1.42 million CRV. This will increase both the boost of all Curve vaults and the yveCRV/yvBOOST rewards, earning depositors a higher APY. https://t.co/dfxIAn4UJU https://t.co/nEMdsTYH1m

🪂 New airdrop for veCRV holders !! 🪂

Curve around the world ? 😱

From the community

If you write articles, make analysis.. please do not hesitate to @me on twitter. Same is applying if you see amazing content about Curve (tweet, article, meme…) !

We are bullish on collected fees 😜

An interesting thread about $CRV and Curve

It’s also very funny and interesting to see the “war” between Yearn’s and Convex’s lovers. Chose your side. But in both case it’s bullish for Curve and $CRV!

Few examples below:

Whereas I was finishing this newsletter, @CurveCap published this nice article. You will know everything about this “war”.

But maybe another war is also coming. World War IV ?

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