What'up on Curve ? #29

Everything you missed this week

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I hope I didn’t forget something

🌧 Fees 🌧

Last week was very difficult for a majority of users. The volatility didn’t go well. But swaps on Curve were on fire, and fees exploded. 1.2M over half a week !

And we also observed the biggest cross-asset-swap…$32M… !!

Proposal and vote

Votes are going well for the proposal concerning alUSD and rETH as they both reached quorum.

Do you want a decentralized-only pool ?

CRV elsewhere

rETH / ETH from Stafi protocol is now available on Curve

Liquidity farming started with juicy APY

Already more than 10 Millions $CRV looked on Convex finance after a few days only

Trade $CRV with up to 10x leverage on dYdX

You can now borrow USDP using 3CRV-Gauge token

From the community

If you write articles, make analysis.. please do not hesitate to @me on twitter. Same is applying if you see amazing content about Curve (tweet, article, meme…) !

Some concerns in the community around a new fork and airdrop.

Ape like a Chad ? check this video

where are your $CRV🤔???

Hum hum 😋

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